Products CLC 60
  It is the most advanced micro processor based, pneumatically operated pick and place type Pad Printing Machine. This machine is suitable for printing on Gift items plastic components,Crockery, electrical electronics goods,home appliances,tools,glass,cassettes,(Audio & Vedio),shoes, slippers, garments, steel products, plated components and endless product range. Infinitely adjustable pad height ensures consistent quality.This is achieved through a programmed soft touch machine panel.Due to its high productivity,CONTI - LOCK 200 is cost effective and amazingly simple ot operate.
  Products Details
Standard Cliche Plate Size
Printing Capacity
Printing Force
Compressed Air Connection
Speed Adujustment
CLC 60
1800 prints\hour
600 N at 6bar
5-6 bar Working Pressure
Infinitely adjustable via pneumatic choke
50 kg
CONTI - LOCK CLC 60 SP is a very handy concept machine to meat superior quality demands.The merits of this machine are as follows
Digital counter is provided to count the number of prints.
Auto manual (foot operated) and three other test modes are provide to given complete flexbility.
Most of date Micro processor based soft touch control panel.
Digitla counting is stored in NV-RAM. Spare inputs and outputs are provided to incorporate the machine with other automatic production lines.
Change over time from one print to the other is only 60 sec.
Change over time from one plate to the other is only 60 sec.
Down time is not more than 5 minutes in eight hours. 100% utilisation of ink.
No washing of cup required.Just add few solvent drops everyday and machine is ready to work immediately.
Quick clamping of fixtures.

User friendly machine. Indicators are provided at very point for trouble shooting.

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